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Nerd Club: New Cast by Gyrick Nerd Club: New Cast by Gyrick
*EDIT* Hey everyone! It's the new cast of the new Nerd Club comic, "To Be Perfectly Honest" (working title). I will not the the artist this time around, but the wonderfully talented :iconmaqqy96: agreed to do the art (yay!~) She asked that I draw what the characters look like in my mind's eye, and then she'd work from there. I'll give a brief description of the characters:

NOTE: Just because the comic character resembles others who were based on real people, does NOT mean they are based off of that original person.

Center: Cecil Standell - Cecil is the main character of the comic. He is best described as upbeat, personable, and completely insane. Cecil was institutionalized as a teenager when he would have delusions of fantastic worlds that other people would swear were real. After a year straight of therapy (in hours, not visits) Cecil became a regular guy. It wasn't until Cecil graduated from college and won over 200 million dollars in the lottery that his insanity resurfaced.

Center-Left: Nina McNeil - Nina had not meet Cecil prior to college, but she became good friends with him after meeting her freshman year (she is two years younger than Cecil). Nina is smart, confident, a bit of a flirt, and enjoys fashion and making movies. Because she never met Cecil before college, she also never knew about Cecil's insane delusions...

Center-Right: Iris Martin - Iris was friends with Cecil in High School (she is two years older than Cecil). She remained good friends with him afterwards, though they do not see each other as often as she'd like. Iris is great with computers and is a brilliant artist and is often seen carrying a laptop computer. She is very motherly and protective, and is fairly used to Cecil's wild imagination.

Left of Nina: Simon McNeil - Simon is Nina's older brother by one year. Simon doesn't get along with many people, except for Leon Powell and his sister. He's sarcastic, inquisitive, and often tries to get Cecil to stop acting crazy (Cecil doesn't enjoy that). Oddly enough, though Nina and Cecil never meet before college, Simon and Cecil have met in High School.

Right of Iris: Lucia Edrick - Lucia has been a friend of Cecil's since elementary school. Lucia and Cecil used to be a part of a larger group of friends, but they are the only ones that still talk from time to time. After graduation, Lucia and Cecil's contact with each other was minimal, but they reconnected their friendship. While she dressed like one, Lucia is too perky to be considered a goth girl. She has great knowledge of Cecil, and actually enjoys her adventures in Cecil's imagination.

Left of Simon: Leon Powell - Leon has been friends with Simon for as long as they can remember. Unlike Simon, Leon is more laid back and quiet. While not used to Cecil's delusions, he doesn't mind them.

Right of Lucia - Cthulu - Cthulu is a puppet that Cecil bought at an anime convention a few years past. Even before he becomes insane... again... Cecil still sees Cthulu as a living creature. Cecil often confides in Cthulu, for this version is a reminder of all that is good a just in the world (unless you make him angry).

Craig Olsen 2008
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Kitty7654 Featured By Owner May 16, 2010
Cute! Nice coloring ^^
OrlySunja Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
update: Lucia is done...goal to get one character sheet done everyday. Should have all of them by Saturday/Sunday.
Gyrick Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sweet ^_^
OrlySunja Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
woot, woot! About time. Hopefully I'll get to this by the weekend... X.X
BashiQu Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
The characters sound pretty cool! ^w^
Tcmt Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2008
Can't wait for the first one!
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